Final Transnational Project Meeting under Smart Farming 4.0 All

The final partners' meeting of the Smart Farming 4.0 All project took place on November 2-5 in Limassol, Cyprus. Representatives of Via Pontica Foundation - Lead Partner, OECON GROUP Bulgaria, Epimelitirio Chalkidiki, Greece and the hosts from Dekaplus Business Services, Cyprus were present. Representatives of Hakan Kanso, Turkey were present in a hybrid format - online, due to administrative barriers to obtaining visas for Cyprus.

During the meeting, the Consortium reviewed and analyzed the results of the activities carried out, as well as discussed issues related to the financial and administrative documents required for the preparation of the final report and dissemination of the Consortium's Handbook for Smart Agriculture and the Training Program in Smart Agriculture - Aquaponics.

Special attention was paid to the results of the ongoing and final evaluation of the quality of project implementation, with emphasis on the conclusions of the feedback received from the participants in the trainings. The final evaluation shows that the project has achieved the planned goals and results, no deviations from the initial requirements were found, improvements were made in accordance with the expressed opinions and recommendations and the final products were highly evaluated by specially engaged internal and external experts and representatives of target groups.

The summarized information showed that high quality has been achieved in fulfilling the objectives of the project to support individuals in the acquisition and development of basic skills and key competencies, improving the level of key competencies and skills, paying special attention to their importance for the labor market and their contribution to a cohesive society.

Supporting teachers and promoting quality improvements, implementing innovation excellence and internationalization at the level of education and training institutions, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation between education and training providers and other stakeholders, is reflected in the Consortium Handbook for Smart Agriculture and the Training Program in Smart Agriculture - Aquaponics. They will lead to further strengthening of key competences in initial and continuing VET (vocational education and training) and capacity building in youth communities.



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